Behind The Wheel’s contributing photographers and writers

Eric Algra
Eric Algra is an established documentary photographer who cut his teeth getting lost in and photographing the back roads of South Australia.

George Appleby
A long-time amateur photographer with a particular interest in the natural world, George seldom misses an opportunity to photograph unusual environments reached in his ecological work and sea-kayak expeditions.

Bill Bachman
Bill has driven his 1984 LandCruiser around Australia three times photographing pretty much every corner of the country for magazine assignments and four published books. The 4WD doesn’t get out much these days, but it continues to decorate Bill’s suburban street.

Francesca Black
As an architect, Francesca is fascinated by aesthetics and design. Her quest to combine these passions with her passion for photography has been a constant challenge and source of delight.

Noel Butcher
After 40 years as a professional photographer, including two decades with The Herald in Melbourne, Noel has returned to taking pictures for himself. He shoots subjects just as he did as a teenager — old sheds, the odd landscape but nothing that looks vaguely corporate.

Glenn Campbell
A Walkley Award winner, for nearly 20 years Glenn’s photographs and photo essays of life in the outback and remote regions of Australia’s north, and in South-East Asia, have featured in almost every major newspaper and magazine throughout the country.

Brian Carr
A photography graduate and professional since 1970, Brian has been shooting for money and other people ever since. Consequently, he has no idea of what to shoot for himself, but finds shooting blues bands in Melbourne’s inner city pubs and bars quite enjoyable.

Simon Caterson
A Melbourne-based writer, and the author of Hoax Nation, for 25 years Simon’s work has appeared in a wide range of respected Australian and overseas newspapers and magazines. Photography and classic cars are two of his favourite things.

Andrew Chapman
A highly experienced and widely published photographer, Andrew travels extensively around Australia working on books and other documentary projects. He loves to drive, not fly.

Gary Chapman
Gary is a self-taught landscape photographer with more than 30 years experience shooting panoramic and, more recently, aerial images. He is well known for capturing stunning landscapes and dramatic lighting on his regular travels around Australia.

Bob Clothier
Bob is a keen amateur travel and landscape photographer of many years. He, his wife and camera gear have been on the road somewhere in weather warmer than Melbourne nearly every winter since 1991.

Jeff Crow
A lifestyle and adventure photographer, Jeff prides himself on getting the shot no matter how dirty, wet, cold, dark or precarious the conditions. For 25 years he has also run a sports photo agency that was appointed official photographers to the Sydney Olympic Games.

Graeme Davison
Graeme Davison is emeritus professor of history at Monash University and the author of Car Wars (Allen and Unwin, 2004). His latest book is City Dreamers.

Warren Dawson
Warren’s photography is fervently amateur, which allows him to sleep easy at night and pursue his interest with only a moderate fear of success or failure. It also helps that his job involves much travel. His photographs are published online and in magazines and books.

Margaret Edwards
At the age of ten Margaret inherited a passion for photography from her father who was a life member at his local camera club. Now, when travelling, she often quickly pulls off the road, often in dangerous conditions, just to get “that shot.”

Janine Elphick
Janine’s love for photography started when she learnt to use her mother’s Box Brownie camera, which she still owns. Now specialising in landscape and surrealist composites, Janine also uses her photographs as the basis for paintings and drawings.

Ray Farrugia
As someone who spends most of his working week on the road, Ray’s real passion has always been photography, and he has taken many of his images while travelling the highways and back roads of Australia.

Alex Frayne
Alex has been taking pictures since his earliest days armed with an old 8mm camera and a roll of Kodakchrome. A fear of flying means that he sees a great deal of road as he travels hither and thither capturing life’s marvels.

Jason Freeman
Jason has been involved in photography since childhood, winning his first photo competition at age nine. Since then he has travelled with a camera to every corner of Victoria. He specialises in remote area landscapes.

Jerry Galea
During a 30-year career Jerry has worked for international humanitarian organisations as well as daily newspapers, and national and international magazines. He is currently lecturing in photojournalism at RMIT while undertaking PhD research. His favourite photographic subjects are people, faces and diverse cultures.

Silvi Glattauer
An award-winning photographer and printmaker who has exhibited throughout Australia and abroad, Silvi loves to photograph in remote locations where extensive spaces feel eternal and elusive.

Julie Hough
A newspaper background instilled a love of storytelling in Julie, who likes to capture moments in time. Often unexpected and surprising, photography has provided her with a platform to foster her passion for photo-documentary work and environmental portraits.

Lisa Humphries
Lisa is a writer who loves exploring the world with a quiet curiosity, a mechanical pencil and old-school notepad, and story-telling camera in hand. She shoots with a Nikon but has never contributed to the Nikon versus Canon debate.

Quentin Jones
A professional for more than 30 years, Quentin loves shooting portraits and the unusual, like lost and abandoned shopping trolleys. Despite being yelled at by a gun-toting Kerry Packer, he still loves photography so much that he takes images every day.

Debra Jordan
Debra is a travel photographer who has been on the road in Australia and around the world for eleven years, trying to capture what she sees in real life through her camera.

Ian Kenins
A freelance photographer and writer, Ian likes to document people with interesting and unusual passions. He also likes to stop and photograph roadside peculiarities, which has tested the patience of anyone forced to share a ride with him.

Warren Kirk
Warren has been a documentary photographer for 30 years. He reckons the past is a far better place than the present. To prove this point a book of his photos — Westography: images of a vanishing suburbia — was published in 2016.

Randy Larcombe
A freelance photographer since 1994, Randy’s main interest is capturing imagery of people at work. Often travelling for interesting photographic and filmmaking projects, his work is documentary in style, looking for the real-life moments that reflect our common humanity.

Jon Love
Jon’s work has taken him to many countries, working with those from the poorest communities to the richest of people. This has taught him that photography is all about relationships and the humility that connects us all.

Ruth Maddison
Ruth’s work explores themes of relationships, communities and families, offering the viewers glimpses into the daily lives and rituals of ordinary citizens within their homes and neighbourhoods.

Lindsay Mason
Starting with a second-hand Prakita SLR, Lindsay has been taking photographs for nearly 40 years. Several years ago, he got serious and purchased a Sony digital camera, which he uses for his favourite subjects, landscape and travel photography.

Rose Meddings
A portrait and lifestyle photographer for many years, Rose says she became serious about the craft after completing an online course at the age of 55. Her passion for photography now consumes her.

Julie Millowick
Julie began her career in the darkroom of the esteemed trio Athol Shmith, John Cato and Peter Barr. Since edging her way out into the light, she has worked in photography over a long period and feels privileged to continue to do so.

Robert Morgan
Robert is a traffic engineer who loves driving with his camera at the ready. His main interests are creative interpretations of landscape and travel photography.

Anne Morley
After 30 years as an architect, Anne is now a freelance photographer working for a variety of publications and organisations. She loves rural Australia and says she could happily spend a lifetime travelling and photographing those hidden gems not found in tourism brochures.

Simon O’Dwyer
Over 22 years, Simon’s news and editorial portraiture work for The Age won many prestigious photography awards. Aside from running a gallery in Port Fairy, he specialises in fine-art photography. His prints appear in galleries throughout Australia.

Kevin Phelan
After using his mother’s Box Brownie, Kevin developed an interest in Cibachrome printing, and won national awards for his landscapes. A life member of the Essendon Camera Club, he was honoured for special service to the Victorian Amateur Photographic Society in 2002.

Michael Rayner
Working for The Age and Good Weekend magazine in the early 1970s entailed lengthy journeys behind the wheel for Michael. An assignment to photograph Malcolm Fraser at his country home required a 4.5-hour drive, to be rewarded with just five minutes of the PM’s presence.

Jon Reid
A commercial and architectural photographer with a background in press photojournalism, Jon’s personal documentary projects are held in collections at the National Library of Australia, State Library of New South Wales and the Australian National Maritime Museum.

Jean-Paul Rosette
Jean-Paul is a hairstylist, flâneur, father, husband and man-about-town. He takes photographs to capture the beautiful yet fleeting moments in our lives as a way to preserve them.

Larry Russell
Larry has been taking photos as a keen amateur since 2008. He has taken most of his images while travelling around this vast land, always with a view of the quirky and unusual aspects of life.

Adam Scott
Adam’s photographic interests include national identity, space and general strangeness. His diverse range of work has taken him to several continents, and he is currently exploring the 21st century Australian Dream.

Krystal Seigerman
A finalist in several prestigious awards, Krystal specialises in portraiture and documentary photography, and has been exhibiting her work regularly for more than a decade.

Lynden Smith
Lynden’s photographic specialty is seascapes and landscapes. He has a passion for the ocean and surrounding national parks, and he has been adding at least one photo to his website every day for almost six years.

Charlie Sublet
Charlie is a photographic and literary hunter-gatherer, observing and collecting experiences from forgotten worlds. His works focus on the tension and interaction between the human and natural world, and are held in numerous public collections.

Ilia Torlin
Russian-born Ilia is a part-time photographer with a lifelong passion for travel. His desire is to capture the essence of places he visits so that his photos convey the experience of being there.

Jenny Valentish
Jenny raised eyebrows, and blood pressures, with her non-fiction book Woman of Substances: A Journey into Addiction and Treatment. Back when she was still employable she edited Time Out (Melbourne) and radio station Triple J’s Jmag.

Alex van Harmelen
Since inheriting his first film camera 25 years ago as a teenager, Alex has been honing his photographic passion, specialising in landscape photography, and more recently exploring the possibilities of mobile phone photography.

Kim Walvisch
Kim has been steadfastly documenting Melbourne suburbia over the past five years. Having taken photos in more than 100 suburbs, she’s hoping to create a nostalgic archive of how things looked before the developers took over.


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