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“The oft-used phrase “I am a camera” – taken from a line in the 1930s novel Goodbye to Berlin by Christopher Isherwood – has special significance in the case of Ian Kenins, who truly is a consummate photographer.”
Click here to read more from Simon Caterson’s article of A Snapshot of Melbourne published in The Daily Review.

Ian Kenins met with ABC radio presenter and journalist Hilary Harper to talk about the technological progression of photography, along with Museum Victoria’s wildlife photographer, David Paul. Here’s a photographic highlight (image right) to show the radio interview was as visually stimulating as it was audibly.

Street photographer, Ian Kenins (A Snapshot of Melbourne), with ABC radio journalist Hilary Harper, and Museum Victoria's wildlife photographer, David Paul.

Street photographer, Ian Kenins, with ABC radio journalist Hilary Harper, and Museum Victoria’s wildlife photographer, David Paul.

“The photographer seems to have achieved in placing the end viewer of these works into the scene as an observer, a passerby, something a Melburnian could look at and nod to with a sense of familiarity.”
Click here to read more of this review of A Snapshot of Melbourne by multi-award winning photographer Bill Gekas.

“The collection is a wonderful look at Melburnians in their own habitat so to speak… captured while going about their daily lives. There are no staged or posed photos in this insightful collection… just moments captured forever on film, which are now immortalised in a book.”
Click here to read more from Zinc Moon blogger, Sarah on A Snapshot of Melbourne.

“It’s a photo of a boy and his dog jumping the Elwood Canal, a photo that evokes the joy of childhood and friendship. The image perfectly symbolises Ian’s style: cinematic, poignant and guaranteed to make you smile.”
Click here to read more from The Northsider‘s Eisha Gupta’s interview with Ian Kenins.

“The Melbourne based photographer has spent over two and a half decades relying on one timeless method – timing, composition and luck – to capture the quirky, artistic and humorous essence of vibrant Melburnians.”
Click here to read more about the photographs that feature in A Snapshot of Melbourne in St Kilda News.

“The book presents a humorous and offbeat collection of street photography that aims to capture the heart of the city.”
Taken from the Stonnnigton Leader on A Snapshot of Melbourne.

“I love comedy and humour, and witnessing an offbeat moment in one of life’s small pleasures. For a street photographer, capturing such moments on film or on a memory card is an even greater pleasure.”
Click here to read more from Ian Kenins on Sacred Trespasses.

“This book contains the best photography of scenes on the street I have ever seen. A must for Melbourne residents and an eye-opener for people elsewhere. Simply stunning!”
Writer, radio presenter and book reviewer, Annette Marfoding on A Snapshot of Melbourne.