It’s with much excitement that The Worldwide Publishing Empire invites you to contribute to our next photographic book on Australia’s cricket obsession. Yep – that’s right – cricket!

Now, we don’t mean photos of a Steve Smith cover drive or Mitchell Starc’s follow-through. We mean the kind of cricket all of us play – in back yards, front yards, schoolyards, laneways, factories, offices, parks and beaches, and anywhere else a ball can be bowled and a bat can be swung. Organised cricket is also fine, but at a more grassroots level, played on beautiful suburban venues or desolate outback grounds, and involving people dedicated to a club’s existence. Also worth considering are cricket fans, from spectators to autograph hunters to kids’ bedroom walls covered with posters of their heroes – anything that shows a love of the game.
The preference is for contemporary content, including great photographs from your files, but they must be in colour. And there’s a whole summer of cricket happening right now. So if this sounds like a project that interests you then please submit your fabulous cricket images.
The aim of the project is to feature wonderful photographs that capture the heart of cricket in Australia, supported by three essays in a book that will be beautifully designed and printed. We can’t guarantee financial riches but what we hope to achieve from this, and from all future titles, is to showcase excellence in Australian photography. We greatly appreciate your support in this endeavour.
Thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing your wonderful photographs.

Just a few important points when submitting images…

We require colour digital images only.
Please submit all images to
Each photo you submit should be titled with your name and the photo’s location (e.g. FredFocusCootamundraNSW.jpg or ShirleyMcShutterMissionBeachQld.jpg . . .).
Please submit all images in JPEG format at 1300 pixels, or 33cms at the longest side by 99 pixels per inch. At this stage the images need only be small so as not to clog up our server. Our last book, Behind The Wheel, received 2805 submissions.
Photographers whose images have been selected for the book will be asked to send hi-resolution versions, but more on that following the editing process.
The final date for submissions is 31st March 2019. However, submitting your work well before this date will earn you our heartfelt admiration.
On the all-important issue of payment, photographers whose work is published in the book will receive a percentage of 25% of royalties from sales of the book. That percentage will be based on the number of photographs each contributing photographer has published. Should the book go to a reprint, 35% of royalties will be allocated to contributing photographers. Contributing photographers will also be sent a complimentary copy of the book.

Got an idea for a book?

The Worldwide Publishing Empire will gladly review book submissions by Australian photographers – and groups of photographers – where the emphasis is on Australian subject matter. As an independent publisher, the number of books printed each year will be limited. This is to ensure sufficient time is given to the production and marketing of each title. This also leaves us time to plan and execute our global takeover.
While the commercial viability of a submission is integral to every publishing decision, the preference is for books that are unique, whether that’s by virtue of the sheer quality of photography, or by the subject matter. What we are not after is yet another book on dogs.
Photographers who have a body of work that they believe is ‘book worthy’ should submit a one-page synopsis with no more than 10 examples of their work, along with phone and email contact details, and, where possible, details of how they may assist in our global overthrow.
To submit your book proposal, please email or click below.